Promotional Printed Wristbands - Silicon wristbands for promotions, merchandise, awareness campaigns etc... plus security wristbands ideal for events and concerts.

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Here's how we can help with our 5-step creative plan :

1 : Defining your brief

Unless you have a clear idea of what you want and what it is to be used for, your promotional product campaign might not be as successful as it should. We can help you clearly define exactly what you need to make your campaigns really work for you.

2 : Creating ideas

If you're looking to stand out from your competitors, we can help you with ideas and suggestions for products that you may not have considered - or even know are available. We have access to tens of thousands of products which can be branded in many different ways and we're happy to share our expertise and knowledge of how they can be used to promote your business and raise customer awareness.

3: Developing concepts

You don't always know what a particular product will look like with your choice of logo, artwork, colours etc. There's nothing more disappointing than getting your new promotional products only to discover that the design you wanted doesn't look right, the colours clash or it simply doesn't meet your expectations. We'll help ensure that the product you get is the product you want by producing visual concepts and even pre-production samples so that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

4 : Sourcing responsibly

We know how important it is to many of our customers that the products they buy fully represent what their company or brand stand for. This is why we source everything from suppliers and manufacturers that are known for their quality of work and where all necessary standards for safety in both workplace and finished product certification are correctly followed. This is especially important when dealing with overseas manufacturers, predominantly those in the Far East, and we take every care possible to ensure that manufacturers and their products are of the highest quality. We actually visit several of our main Far East suppliers to ensure standards are being maintained or employ the services of specialist companies to assess those that we cannot always visit.

5 : Delivering solutions

We want your marketing campaigns to succeed just as much as you do. This is why we offer so much more than just a product with your name on it, we offer the combined experience and capabilities of everyone that works here at We Brand It. We utilise every single persons individual skills wherever necessary to bring you ideas, suggestions, concepts and some truly great products that will really work for each of your campaigns.

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